World's first exotic fruity genever from Holland




For the OHUMM fruit Genever we use original Jenever from Holland, based on a recipe used since 1777.


This super premium Genever is distilled from a special composition of botanicals and Juniper berries, typical for original Dutch Genever.



The OHUMM brand and charismatic Hummingbird logo is inspired by a Hummingbird parable originated in the Quechaun people of South America. The main character in this parable is a Hummingbird that takes action to put out a fierce fire that rages through her forest home. As the symbol of wisdom and courage, the Hummingbird demonstrates that action is better than inaction.



The ultimate TASTE

OHUMM fruit Jenever is surrounded by authenticity. In 2007 Jenever was awarded the Appellation d’Origine Controllée. This prestigious status allows Jenever to be named as such only if produced in Holland and specifically defined areas.

Inspired by the first cocktail book, “The Bartender’s Guide” of author and mixologist Jerry Thomas, we have created the OHUMM experience. Now captured in the splendorous bottle already a collectors item, creating an ultimate luxurious fashion statement. OHUMM, beauty with a majestic taste!

The complex taste of Jenever provides the sparkle to our blend and creates the unique taste experience captured in every bottle of OHUMM. We challenge you to analyze the complexity and tastes as you enjoy OHUMM fruit Jenever.


We promise a unique, glorious and fresh taste experience that will capture your whole being and lift your spirit. Simply pour on ice cubes, enjoy responsibly and relax!





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